Creating a Listing


Flipkit Team

Creating a Listing

To start creating listings, click the green “Upload” button at the top right of the screen.

Haul Name

When you hit the upload button, you'll be asked to enter a haul name and description. This helps you organize and track your inventory effectively. Choose labels that make inventory management easiest for you.

Uploading Photos and Grouping

On the upload screen, click “Upload Photos” on the left to select up to 50 photos from your computer files.

After uploading, you can manually group or use automatic grouping to organize your photos into listings:

  • Manual Grouping: Click “Manually Group” at the bottom of the photos tab, select the photos you want to group, then hit the black “Add Grouping” button at the bottom of the photos tab.

  • Automatic Grouping: Click “Group Images” at the bottom of the photo tab to let our AI organize your photos. Correct any mistakes by dragging and dropping photos as needed.

Generating Listings

Once your photos are sorted, click the black “Generate Listings” button at the bottom right to proceed.

Editing Listings

Once your listings are generated you will be directed to a new screen view which will display a list of all listings and their respective information on the right hand side. Our AI works to fill in all the fields such as size, color, and brand, as well as write a description and title based on how you previously configured your settings.

We will notify you if any information was unable to be found by our AI and you can easily edit/fill in any missing information by clicking on the missing field.

Saving and Posting

Once all your listings are ready to go you can select the items you want to post by checking the box next to their name. Your marketplace options will show up on the right where the listing information previously was and you can click on the marketplaces you want to crosslist to. Once you hit post, a progress bar will appear at the bottom right of the screen. 

You also have the option to simply save your current listings to your inventory and post them at another time.