Configuring Settings


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`Configuring your settings

To adjust your settings, use the navigation bar located on the left side of your screen. Scroll down to the bottom of the bar and click on the gear icon. This will take you directly to the Settings page.


The Profile section contains all your account details such as email, name, and password. You can update any of this information at your convenience by navigating to this section.

Managing your Marketplace Connections

Connecting Flipkit with your marketplaces is straightforward. First, ensure you have the Flipkit Chrome Extension installed and enabled. You can find a guide to help with this installation here. Once your extension is active, simply open a new tab and log into your marketplace, like Depop. Flipkit will automatically connect to your account and notify you with a green “connected” status in the marketplace section. In this section, you can click on the dropdown for each marketplace to edit your shipping settings, ensuring that the correct procedures are followed for each item you post.

Setting up Ebay

When setting up eBay with Flipkit, there are a few important things to note. Our eBay connection will only work if you have set all your seller policies like shipping and returns. On your marketplace connections, hit he dropdown arrow and make sure you assign your policies correctly. You also have to make sure your eBay payments are all set up as well for the integration to work.

Setting up your AI Generation

Before you begin creating listings with Flipkit, it's important to set up your AI Generation settings. What makes Flipkit's AI generation so powerful is that it uses your past listings as a reference for everything it generates. User's can upload their previous listings from eBay and Poshmark, or upload a listing they made on Flipkit. Simply hit the edit button on the button right of the AI Generation tab to pull up all your previous listings. Select which marketplace you want to pull from and drag as up to 10 listing descriptions you want to use as references into the "Used" container. Click import and you are ready to go.


Our AI generation tool becomes more accurate the better it gets to know you, so upload as many listings as you can for it to use as a reference. We recommend that for your first time, you manually create one listing with your title and description exactly as you want it. Then select the listing you just made as the reference for your AI Generations. Additionally here are some things our AI can and cannot do.


  • Extract size and brand from the tags of your clothes

  • Input a color based on what it sees in the photos provided

  • Use emojis and hashtags

  • Put the same message at the bottom of every listing


  • Extract the model number from a shoe tag

  • Estimate what the size and condition is of your garment

Contact Us

On the Contact Us page, you will find all the necessary information to reach out to us for customer support. Whether you need help or have questions, we're here to assist you.