Analytics Page


Flipkit Team

Analytics Page

To access the Analytics page, use the navigation bar located on the left side of your screen. Scroll down to the bottom of the bar and click on the graph icon. This will take you directly to the Analytics page.

Financial Performance

The financial performance module will show you similar information to what you see on your central dashboard, detailing your total performance, average price per item, average profit per item, and your total inventory value. Using the dropdown menus at the top right of the module will let you filter by platform and timeframe.

Best Sellers

The best sellers module gives you key information about what brands and items are selling best for you, filtered by marketplace.

Marketplace Comparison

In the marketplace comparison section you can track your total sales and total profits across platforms, all displayed in a simple bar graph manner. By hovering over a graph you can find out qualitative specifics and make clear comparisons between your marketplaces.

Social Stats

Social stats is a section still under development, but expect to be able to find data about how many views, likes, and shares your listings are getting.

Transaction Data

The transaction data module catalogs all your sold items, keeping track of important data like which marketplace it sold on, the date sold, how much it sold for, how much you spent on the item, how much you paid in fees, and your total profit. This data will be an absolute game changer for bookkeeping and taxes. You can also download the information as an easy to edit .csv file by hitting the black “download” button at the top right.